Sunday, 20 March 2011

General Update

Can you believe it's been over a month since I last posted on here? :/ my bad. Although, I don't have many readers so hopefully no one noticed haha. Thats a bad attitude to have, I know! I have been inspired by one of my favourite bloggers/YT guru's, Dulce Candy, as she has set herself the challenge of posting a blog post everyday for the whole month of March. Now, I'm not going to do that as it's way too much of an unrealistic goal for me, but I am going to try to post at least once a week on here. 
I've recently been having lots of career lectures at uni and frankly, it's scared the shit out of me! It's shocking to think I've nearly completed the first year and then it's only another 2 years till I graduate! :o While it's scary, it's also really exciting to think about the future and where I'll be in 5 years time, what company I'll be working for, what job I'll be doing etc.
Anyways, just thought I'd share my current obssession, ( and it isn't fashion related! so I don't know if it really belongs on here but oh well, my blog, my rules)

I have not stopped eating fruit mixed with natural yoghurt, organic honey and topped off with raisins and nuts. Healthy or what? It's really important to eat fresh fruit as I believe it helps you staying free from illness, and it's super tasty too! 
Another one of my current obsession are face masks. I purchased this one from H&M (of all places!) and it smelt exactly like vanilla fudge, mmmm. It was a self-warming one too, so it felt lovely on my face and left me with super soft skin after. I suggest doing these when you've got friends round on a quiet Saturday night, it's cheaper than going out to the clubs, healthier and face masks are a reet old giggle with old friends! :)

Current favourite fashion designer: Betsey Johnson
I first heard of Betsey Johnson when she was on an ANTM episode back in the day but I know she's been established for ages. Her collections are always my favourites as they're so fun and light-hearted. I think people tend to forget fashion is all about that and take it way too serious. Her models always look like they're having such a fun time on the runway too! Here are a couple of my favourite looks from A/W11 collection:

I think she's seriously overlooked in British fashion magazines, what a ledge.
Till next time, stay happy and healthy,
Much Love

Friday, 18 February 2011

Current Obsessions

This is just a video from my YT channel, (AmyJean92 - please sub, it'd mean a lot) talking about my current beauty obsessions:

Oops. On the video  I forgot to mention this gorgeous shower gel from Lush called, "It's Raining Men" which is basically a shower gel formula of the "Honey I Washed The Kids" soap which is my favourite soap in the whole wide world. It smells divine, mostly of honey (obvs). I could sit and smell it all day long. There is also a real nice natural feel about Lush products in general, i feel like i'm really pampering my skin when i use them. The only downside to the brand is that it is quite expensive so I only purchase items rarely when I feel I deserve a treat or two.

 This 500g bottle was approx. £14.99    -.-    which is way overpriced for shower gel but it smells too good not to buy, i highly recommend you buy it!

Thanks for reading this post, I'll try and be more frequent with the posts but I'm only going to post something if it's worth posting!
Amy Jean xxx

P.S. Do you guys like my nails? i painted them myself.. yes, i have way too much free time!

First Uni Project: White Architecture

So I know it's been like forever since I've posted on here and the truth is; whilst I have been super busy, I've also had no motivation and no inspiration to post anything because I've been so preoccupied. And I'd rather not post at all than post crap.
I've recently finished my first major uni assignment, and let me tell you, I think I partied a little too hard during my first term because I was kinda disorganised towards of the end of the project and I got to the point where I was so sick of the project that I didnt really care what grades I got as long as I passed. So I'm super happy that this initial project is out of the way because I learnt so much from what is expected of me as a uni student. I absolutely love my course (which is fashion design in case you were wondering) but it is bloody hard work so if you're a prospective uni student and thinking of applying for fashion design, don't think it's all glamour and nice clothes. I know countless designers and big-wigs in the fashion industry have already said this but you have to work your bollocks off to get anywhere, you have to really put the time in and put yourself out there which is terrifying. But it is so worth it once you've produced something you're proud of.
I feel super lucky to have even got on the course in the first place so I'm determined to stay focused on what I want to get out of it. I think any one of you could apply this to your studies no matter what your degree is.

Anyway enough chattering, here's some pictures of my final dress which was inspired by architecture:

Feel free to leave a comment telling me your honest opinion

Hope everyone is happy & healthy

Amy Jean

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Clothes Show Live

Okay this is my second time typing this out because I am an idiot and clicked to a new page without saving what I had already wrote, grrr.
So I am really sorry it's  been a while since I last posted, I have been quite lazy and not sticking to my work schedule, I've just been enjoying having time off uni and have been relaxing with all my old friends from home because I really miss them when I'm at uni.
I went to Clothes Show Live, way back on Dec 5th, which for those of you who don't know it's basically a fashion and beauty convention with a catwalk show thrown in. I can only show you a few items I picked up there because I've left some at my accomadation in uni, some stuff is in the laundry and some of it is my friend's Christmas presents so I've already wrapped them :)
This picture is pretty much a summary of what i bought. The main (and most expensive) item I purchased was this vintage fur coat (£40), I have been longing for a fur coat for agessss and now the cold weather has given me a reason to indulge myself :) Its actually a little big for me but I prefer the oversized look as I feel it's more glamourous and cozy.

This Mischa Barton handbag (£30) is one of my favourite purchases of the day. It's very quirky and I love the colour, it will add a nice pop of colour to a dull outfit. It isn't the most practical handbag but who cares about practicality when it's this cute?!

Before you say anything, I know my hands are in serious need of hand cream, the extreme cold weather is not being very kind to them! This adorable wishbone ring was £5 and is available from Junk Jewels.

These are a pair of House of Holland socks I got for free after buying a pair of tights (£10) which I recommend you putting on and taking off very slowly otherwise you'll rip them straight away like I did. They're super delicate, I really want to buy some more but £10 for one pair of tights is so expensive! I was so gutted because i was just heading out the door and they really complimented my outfit :(

  I am loving these name-necklaces at the moment, I know they went slightly cheap and tacky a few years back but i think they'll be making a comeback. I picked this one up for only £5!

Gok Wan was hosting the fashion show this year too, i LOVE him!

 That is pretty much everything I bought, Im sorry i couldnt show you everything. But i highly recommend going to CSL, the tickets retail for approx £26 and its normally an event which is running for 5 days in early December annually.
 If you have any questions just leave me comment and I'll try to reply ASAP.

I hope your all safe and well
Happy Holidays!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas Wishlist

I don't know about you but I'm super excited about Christmas! I think it's because my town has put up all the lights and decorations which always gets me in the festive spirit. I think winter is my favourite season, the warm cuddly clothes, the snow, the hot comfort-food, and you don't have to workout so much because your body isn't on show as much as it is in summer :)
So I thought now would be a good time to put up my Christmas wishlist just in case my family read it and get the hint ;)
I really really really really want an iphone 4 or a blackberry and I think it's about time I had a new phone. The one I use at the moment has pictures from my highschool prom 2 and half years ago! I've heard lots of good things about the iphone 4 and the blackberry but i have no idea which ones best, I am swaying more towards to iphone, which one do you think i should get? :)
I'm also really in need of a new foundation and I'm looking at MAC ProLongwear Foundation but because I'm a skint uni student and the uni loan doesn't stretch too far, I going to have to wait till the 25th, boooo!
I also am going to take full advantage of the boxing day sales with any Christmas money i get!
Although I love them, presents aren't what makes Christmas special, i know it sounds cheesy but spending quality time with family and friends is so much more memorable than a new phone or make up. I think being away at uni has made me realise how much i love my family and friends, so make sure you let them know how much they mean to you!

What do you want for Christmas? Leave a comment ...

Picture of my city, i <3 snow
(Sorry this blog has been a bit poo but I have been super busy with uni and family issues but i promise it will get better soon!)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park a couple of weeks ago and honestly, I'm not really into sculpture but it was refreshing just to get outside and explore rather than be stuck in a stuffy gallery! I love how the weather wears the sculptures and gives them a rough texture, so over many years the sculpture will evolve and take on a new appearance.

Red Column by David Nash

Henry Moore

Flower by Masayuki Koorida

I know this isn't a sculpture but I think this building is beautiful, especially surrounded by all the autumn leaves.

I discovered this well in the middle of a forest within the Park, its so enchanting and intriguing, like from a fairytale.

Like I said before, I'm not a sculpture geek, but I think these pictures turned out pretty good, considering I'm a complete amateur when it comes to photography. I think thats due to the gorgeous autumn colours I was surrounded by rather my camera skills though!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend