Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Clothes Show Live

Okay this is my second time typing this out because I am an idiot and clicked to a new page without saving what I had already wrote, grrr.
So I am really sorry it's  been a while since I last posted, I have been quite lazy and not sticking to my work schedule, I've just been enjoying having time off uni and have been relaxing with all my old friends from home because I really miss them when I'm at uni.
I went to Clothes Show Live, way back on Dec 5th, which for those of you who don't know it's basically a fashion and beauty convention with a catwalk show thrown in. I can only show you a few items I picked up there because I've left some at my accomadation in uni, some stuff is in the laundry and some of it is my friend's Christmas presents so I've already wrapped them :)
This picture is pretty much a summary of what i bought. The main (and most expensive) item I purchased was this vintage fur coat (£40), I have been longing for a fur coat for agessss and now the cold weather has given me a reason to indulge myself :) Its actually a little big for me but I prefer the oversized look as I feel it's more glamourous and cozy.

This Mischa Barton handbag (£30) is one of my favourite purchases of the day. It's very quirky and I love the colour, it will add a nice pop of colour to a dull outfit. It isn't the most practical handbag but who cares about practicality when it's this cute?!

Before you say anything, I know my hands are in serious need of hand cream, the extreme cold weather is not being very kind to them! This adorable wishbone ring was £5 and is available from Junk Jewels.

These are a pair of House of Holland socks I got for free after buying a pair of tights (£10) which I recommend you putting on and taking off very slowly otherwise you'll rip them straight away like I did. They're super delicate, I really want to buy some more but £10 for one pair of tights is so expensive! I was so gutted because i was just heading out the door and they really complimented my outfit :(

  I am loving these name-necklaces at the moment, I know they went slightly cheap and tacky a few years back but i think they'll be making a comeback. I picked this one up for only £5!

Gok Wan was hosting the fashion show this year too, i LOVE him!

 That is pretty much everything I bought, Im sorry i couldnt show you everything. But i highly recommend going to CSL, the tickets retail for approx £26 and its normally an event which is running for 5 days in early December annually.
 If you have any questions just leave me comment and I'll try to reply ASAP.

I hope your all safe and well
Happy Holidays!